Friday, 17 May 2013

DIY Tutorial - That Poncho/Cape

What's more easier than having something so simple to throw on during the cold season, be able to accessorize with, be able to stay warm and look put together? A simple poncho/cape!

No fuss, easy to make and still so trendy.
Here is a Tutorial on how you can make your own poncho for these cold seasons. 

Inspired: With the elements of pink, elegance, romance and needing something easy to throw on during the cold season, I was inspired to create something to add to my Winter Wardrobe.
I was also inspired from a couple of pregger friends of mine - I remember being pregnant during Winter and it was so difficult finding a decent coat (that fit, was stylish and comfortable). A poncho was such a great solution! It has enough give for your growing belly and you are still able to wear it post pregnancy.
Verdict: Yup, constantly wearing this adorable thing! It was very easy to make (taking me under an hr), and you can do the whole thing by hand stitch if you choose to.

Materials you will need:
  • 2ms of your chosen fabric - If you want to do as minimal sewing as possible use a material that does not fray, such as felt or swede. 
  • Matching thread and needle
  • Hook and Eye fastening
  • A nice button
  • Scissors

Tip: The neck hole should be at the folded corner of your fabric.

Step One
Fold your fabric in half twice. 
Cut your fabric as indicated in the picture. 

If you are planning to minimal sewing and are using fabric that does not fray, make sure you cut clean lines.

Step Two
Open up what you have cut out - you should have two separate pieces of your poncho.
On the wrong side of your fabric, pin and sew the pieces together on one edge - as indicated in the picture. 

I decided to hem the edge - I didn't cut my fabrics straight
(damn blunt scissors!)
Step Three
This step is completely optional. 
If you are using material that frays, hem all the edges to prevent fraying. 
If you are using material that does not fray (such as felt, swede), this step is not necessary.

Step Four
Hand sew your button on, at the top corner of the neckline. 

Step Five
Behind the button on the wrong side of the poncho sew your hook. 

Step Six
On the opposite right side of the fabric, sew your eye - as indicated in the picture. 

Yay! You have now completed your adorable poncho. 
Easy right?

Wear it with that Spring Dress to work it into this Winter Season.
Dress: Valley Girl

Add some neck wear to accessorize it!
Fur Neck Stole Scarf -
Add a bold pattern!
Hounds Tooth Patterned Dress - Kmart

Keep it casual with a pair of Jeans/Tights
Jeggings - SES

I hope you all enjoyed this DIY Tutorial and give it a try!
If you do decide to do this Tutorial, I would love to check it out, just hashtag it on Instagram with #maddyandme

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