Thursday, 25 July 2013

DIY: That Not So Transparents PVC Clutch Bag.

A DIY Tutorial on how to make your own PVC (if you're Asian you will know what this material is - it's what nearly every Asian household has to protect their dining table... LOL!) Clutch Bag. 

Inspired: It seems like almost everywhere I look on outfit posts and different look books a girl is holding a transparent clutch bag. Because I'm a pretty anal girl and don't like my possessions to be shown to just about anyone, I decided to make a DIY on my own take on the trend - a 'not-so-transparent' clutch bag.

Verdict: I'm a huge fan of PVC (it's so versatile), that when I was able to use it to make this bag I literally jumped for joy. 

First things First, cut your PVC to the following template.
I wanted a fairly over sized clutch so the following measurements were how I did mine, you can adjust yours to whatever size you prefer.

Materials You Will Need:
  • PVC that you have cut according to the template above - I chose one with a lace print. (Material store)
  • Stanley Knife or anything sharp enough to pierce through PVC 
  • Good Industrial Glue
  • Magnetic Bag Clasps (Spotlight)
  • A Pretty Bead
  • Matching Thread

Step One
For a more sturdy structure fold the edges of your PVC rectangle 1cm over two times and sew down - as indicated in the picture.

Step Two
With the wrong side facing you, fold up and sew the edges, leaving a 15cm flap, as indicated in the picture.

Step Three
For your magnetic bag closures, determine the center of the flap, and insert two slits 2cm away from the edge. 
Fold the flap over and where the slits meet on the side of the PVC clutch bag facing you, make another two slits for the other half of your magnetic bag closure - make sure to only put the slits on the side facing you.

Step Four
Insert your magnetic clasps where you had cut the slits.

Step Five
On the other side of your flap, conceal the back of the magnetic bag clasp but gluing down your chosen bead/gem.
Allow to dry. 

Yay! You have now completed your 'Not-so-transparent' clutch bag. Statement piece? I think so.


I hope you all enjoyed this DIY Tutorial. 

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